Should I leave or should I stay? Leaving takes courage to face the unknown. Unfamiliar experiences and unexpected affairs are scary, but they help us grow.

Should I speak my mind or should I be quiet? What will they think of me, if I share my thoughts? Will they understand or will they judge me? Mostly we judge, what we don’t understand.

Should I listen or should I learn? If I listen to advice of someone with experience; then I won’t have to encounter the wounds of life. In the end we all have decisions to make. Just remember every choice made today will always affect our tomorrow.

#GOE #Galatians6:7-8

Published by Cande Bradley

I am a single mother of two. Looking to grow my businesses. Share my thoughts and start interesting conversations for women. Old or young I'd like to know your thoughts as well. We can build and learn from one another.

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